New TAB Caravans

TAB caravans are the epitome of a modern, cool camping vehicle. They are compact and portable whilst maintaining the style and sophistication of modern, mini homes. Carefully designed at TAB’s HQ in Germany, these beautiful caravans are a work of art in themselves. Each detail has been crafted to fit as much life as possible into these tiny homes, perfect for seeing the world in search of an adventure of your own.

Each model includes a kitchenette, bed and living space. These compact caravans measure just 517x201cm, yet packs in all of your everyday living essentials with ease. These two berth caravans are great for couples who want to explore the world together or those riding solo who want a little more space to breathe on their travels.

There is a  selection of outside graphics to choose from, allowing you to design your TAB caravan to match your style, whether colourful, simplistic or minimalist.

The TAB 320 Off Road model includes off-road tyres which can deal with any terrain and are perfect for use with SUVs and four by fours, for those looking to explore off-road and pitch up in the wild.

Meanwhile the TAB 320 includes the standard interiors and a choice of two exterior designs - whether you prefer to keep things pared back and simple with the Basic design, or stand out a little at the campsite with the Metropolis pattern. If you really want to stand out then choose the TAB 400 model, with its vivid orange pattern that is bound to draw attention wherever you go.

Weighing 850kg at full load, this is an impressively light caravan for its features, which include a three-way fridge, fire, onboard water and blinds. The caravan also comes with a two-year warranty for parts and labour to keep you on the road, exploring and carefree.

T@B 320


  • Overall length in cm: 517
  • Overall width in cm: 201 
  • Number of beds: 2
  • Unloaded weight, approx. in kg: 620 

T@B 400


  • Overall length in cm: 597
  • Overall width in cm: 225
  • Number of beds: 3
  • Toilet
  • Unloaded weight, approx. in kg: 910 

TAB Styles ALV



Attention, Lovers of Purism: T@B captivates without bells and whistles. It does so simply through its striking form and the beautifully customised interior design, Discrete coolness always works!

Available for T@B 320 & T@B 400



You don't mind getting some secret glances? Then you need the T@B MEXICAN SUNSET! The colourful graphic prints ensure a good mood and the purchase warranty is free. The Latino of caravaning!

Available for T@B 320 & T@B 400



The T@B Metropolis impresses with its discreet style elements such as the dark frame border and the matching graphic prints. Be a shining star on the campsite and the road with urban chic!

Available for T@B 320 & T@B 400



Have you fallen for our more gritty vehicles? Does your heart beat faster at the sight of jeeps and SUVs? Then we have just the caravan for you! The T@B OFFROAD with its brawny applications, big tires and off-road type features is designed just as you like it.

Available for T@B 320